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Simple quick reply, compose and more!
auki is the best way to experience quick reply on your iPhone and iPod touch with meticulous design choices with what really matters most to the user. But auki doesn't stop at just quick reply. more
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Velox brings a new way to interact with your iDevice's apps to view notifications and more. With a single swipe up or down on an app you will invoke a folder containing new notifications pertaining to the app right on your home screen. Within the folder tap to view the notification, swipe to the left to dismiss that notification or pull down and you clear them all. Velox goes a step further with some native apps.
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ayra is the best and fastest way to read, manage and access notifications and toggles right from your lock screen. Simply swipe down from the top of your lock screen to reveal the all-new beautiful view with your notifications and toggles and interact with each notifications with a single tap to reveal new launch, remove features (or use the standard slide to reply action).
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TVLocker Pro

Lock your device like an old TV! A lot of customizability makes this tweak very interesting for power users.
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Activate a WiFi network picker by:
- An activator gesture
- Long-holding on the Control Center WiFi toggle
- Long-holding on any FlipSwitch WiFi toggle (Auxo, Ayra, FlipControlCenter, ...)

This tweak also enables WiFi when activated, as well as removing the WiFi-strength limit from the WiFi picker.
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